Hi, my name is Adrien Berthaud
Welcome to my website 🤘

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Experienced Software Engineer with a strong background of using React and Typescript. Skilled in building complex software solutions from scratch, collaborating with cross-functional teams and delivering results in high-stakes environments.

Passionate about learning and adopting new technologies to improve efficiency and drive business growth.

Personal Projects


RespecTube is an automated comment moderation system that is preventing publication of offensive or inappropriate comments.
ParallelDots API and Youtube API are used here.

Stacks: React, API

See Live Source Code

Game 48

A friend of mine invented the concept,
I coded it !
Game 48 is a local multiplayer dice game where you need to forecast your ability to win. Don't forget to go over the tutorial and be careful, money is at stake...

Stacks: SASS, Javascript

See Live Source Code


Robofriends is a simple react app that enables to search through my database of Robot Friends.

Stacks: React, API

See Live Source Code


Email : adrienberthaud.10@gmail.com
or Linkedin: in/adrienberthaud

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