Hi, my name is Adrien Berthaud
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After getting my Master degree in Sales Management and 3 years selling tech solutions at Orange and Pluralsight, I opened my eyes and finally embraced being the nerd I've always been. I decided in 2020 to better connect with what fulfils me and make a shift into a Front End Engineering role.

Passionate about every aspect of programming I have covered so far, I learn and code whenever I can to make this dream a reality. Thanks to a solid discipline and taste for what I do, I am now able to prove I am a great asset for joining a team of talented people.



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ParallelDots API and Youtube API are used here.

Stacks: React, API

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Game 48

A friend of mine invented the concept,
I coded it !
Game 48 is a local multiplayer dice game where you need to forecast your ability to win. Don't forget to go over the tutorial and be careful, money is at stake...

Stacks: SASS, Javascript

See Live Source Code


Robofriends is a simple react app that enables to search through my database of Robot Friends.

Stacks: React, API

See Live Source Code


Email : adrienberthaud.10@gmail.com
or Linkedin: in/adrienberthaud

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